Friday, May 27, 2011

Cameron's Diary (Prologue I)

Dear Diary,

  This week has been ehhh....different.  I don't know why Nate and I put ourselves in situations like this, but we always do.  We started reading this book called "God is My Girlfriend" which is a book about helping men in their singleness grow closer to God.  And the first chapter started off with one question....WHY?  The author asked us "Why do we desire a girlfriend? What's this fascination with women?" So my first response was like, "I don't know, ask Adam."  But as soon as I said that, the author continued with his clever insight.  "Not being focused on God's direction is precisely what happened in the Fall of Man." Needless to say I shut up and continued to read.  He then asked a question, "So again, why do you desire a girlfriend?  Is it going against God's directions for your life?"

So with that gentle slap in the face I dove into the book and have grown very fond of it.  The author has a great sense of humor that makes all the convictions easier to handle.  So I am very much enjoying the book.  Mostly because it has exposed to me that apparently I misunderstand love.  The author is suggesting I step away from the dating game to focus on allowing God to teach me some things.  At first, of course, I was like "yeah right bruh".  But I get his points and I might ease into it.  Which is why I'm asking Nate why in the world have we put ourselves in this situation? All for God's glory huh?

So as with anything, the minute I'm deciding to leave women alone (at least until I finish reading this book) I start to meet a bunch of pretty girls.  Now I've never been the type that gets overly excited just because I'm getting attention from girls, so the conversations are never tagged as "special" unless there's a true reason.  And strangely enough, my definition of "special conversation" usually requires some talk about God or Christian walks or LeBron James, but I "encountered" a girl today, and it was strange.  Here's the story.

So I'm in the library checking my email before one of my classes.  Typical.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  But as I'm leaving the library, I decided to cut through the lounging area for some reason, can't think of the reason now.  (seriously, why did I?)  And almost like fate an alarm goes off as I'm walking pass this girl fast asleep in a chair.  I stop because it startled me, and then I look at her for a few seconds.  And before I could fully comprehend what was going, I was tapping her on her shoulder.  She jumped out of her sleep.  So I smiled, afraid she was going to think I was trying to take advantage of her and asked, "Hey, you know your phone ringing?"  Then her facial expression went from shocked to annoyance.  Then she responded, "Yeah, of course I do." Then I asked, "Are you going to answer it?"  She reponds, "Of course I am."  So after her having an attitude with me, she then askes me for the time. And apparently she was running late for something because after I tell her the time she begins to scramble to gather her things.  I just walked away.  Her attitude was too much for me.  But, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she had had a bad night or boyfriend problems.  Who knows with women right?

But the reason I shared that because of what happened and how it happened.  Now I don't like making big deals out of anything, but I don't usually do things like that.  Yeah, I just woke up a person who was asleep, but it almost felt like a divine nature was present.  I think I was led to wake up her.  Strange? I don't know, I'll just leave it at that.  I'll probably never see that girl again.  Hope she made it to whatever she was running late for, but man she looked good.  Anyways, let me go read some more of this book and call it a night.  Good night diary.  Pray for me, this book is asking a lot.  I mean, give up women? Seriously?

----Cameron Taylor

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