Friday, December 2, 2011

What Have WE Done?

Hello readers.  Welcome to my heart.  Let's begin.

I really think I need to stop praying for God to break my heart for what break His.  Because, the more I gain spiritual eyes to see what God sees, the more my heart breaks for our generation.  And it just makes me ask the question, What have we done to ourselves?

The fact that sin and brokenness entered into the world from simply disobedience.... wow what!? Wait a minute.  Our culture loves to rank sins, but there's only two categories that God is focused on.  Obedience and Disobedience.  And all the sins fall into the disobedience category.  So the REALLY BIG SIN, the one we should all look out for and avoid--- if we really want to rank them is simply disobeying God. 

Yeah, I hope that puts a higher value on the decisions we make, I know it did for me.  Because the understanding that we're broken only because Adam and Eve wanted to do things their way, puts a much higher value on the decisions we make.  And here I am, with the still sharpening spiritual eyes and able to see train wrecks and broken hearts, people who are hiding behind their sins and thoroughly enjoying them to say the least and it makes me wonder, "God, how in the world do we correct this?" 

Wrong question.

God, how can we humble ourselves enough for YOU to correct it?
Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
And, since I'm a guy, naturally I'm looking at the women of my generation first. I have no idea what is going on.  Like, look what we've done to our women.  Look at what the men have done to the women of our days.  Modern day womanhood is completely against and far from what God created it to be.  God says modest, the world says revealing.  God says gentle, the world says arrogant.  God says dependent, the world says independent.  God says helper to the man, the world says they're the same and should be treated as equals.  God says beauty is fleeting, the world says beauty is competing----competing to see who has the best hair, the best clothes, the best make up, the best eye liner, how beauty is only outwardly.  

Why? Why are they thinking that?  Why are they behaving like that?  Hey men, these questions are directed at you.  It's our fault.  ITS OUR FAULT.  We are held responsible for this.  Just like coaches are held responsible if his team plays bad, so are we held responsible for this.  And, I watch women close to me deliver their hearts on silver platters to underseving men who have figured out that showing affection gets women to fall for them. Or women giving over their bodies because they've been convinced that's how you get a man to pay attention to you, to be interested in you, show some value to you.    

Men?  What have we done?  

I had the privilege of being at work while the Miss Glometra Pageant was going on. My University has this pageant I'm sure every year to promote the yearbook and blah blah.  So, I'm watching as these contestants come out onto the stage, smiles and dolled up, looking extra beautiful to really be able to get the judges to like them.  And I'm sitting there and my heart is aching like, this is what we're doing to our women?  This is where God's daughters are ending up?  Prancing around on a stage in hopes of winning this pageant which will confirm her value for her.  Sure, none of them are literally thinking that, its all subconscious.  And the entire time I'm thinking, "They're more than this."  

And my mind continues to stay on Adam and Eve because my goodness they're the perfect example of a lot of things.  I see God's disappointment in man.  Like, "I brought you Eve.  I delicately crafted her from your rib, created her after you to show you her importance to Me, and also gave you headship over her.  You had the law before she came, and you didn't protect her.  You didn't lead her Adam.  You didn't show her that she's more than just a pawn to the crafty serpent.  You didn't protect her Adam.  You stood there and watched her destroy herself."  

Do we see the need for biblical manhood?  Wooo, do we need it NOW more than ever!  And, it haunts me that I know so many Christian woman that would willingly settle for a man that cannot lead them spiritually and are not walking out biblical manhood.  Here's a quick news flash, Sin came into the world because of poor spiritual guidance. And I love it because God addressed Adam first when He knew they sinned.  Then He followed the chain of blame all the way to the serpent. 

So, I titled the blog what have WE done?  As men, we're the blame for a lot of this.  I'm annoyed now when I hear the "strong independent woman" soliloquies done by SOOOOOOO many women around me. Hey, I understand, you have to be.  A lot of you are raising families now.  I was raised in one of these single mother homes.  But it would be a lie from Hell to say its ideal, because now I'm seeing the dysfunction, the hurt, the voids that were present because of it, so stop bragging so much about it.  It's not a good thing that you HAVE to be in this role. I say that bluntly so you'll value a husband that can provided you the spiritual guidance that's necessary, not optional, necessary.  Not just a good paying job and all his teeth. Not good enough.  Not well he goes to church and he kind of love Jesus.  Not well he was raised in the church. LOL, love that one.  Pursue God, and pursue the best He has for you.  And this right here, is the best He has for you.  The best for you is you actively walking out what women were designed to be.  Let's see, in Genesis 2:18, Eve was created to be a suitable helper for Adam. I hear a lot of women take great pride in things opposite of that, which, again, I understand because of the lack of biblical men.  I'm not against you pursuing self accomplishments for yourself.  I'm just asking that you not find your identity in your accomplishments or confuse that with that is what makes you a good woman. Here's an example, lets say a point guard takes great pride in how well he can rebound and block shots, but he's unable to bring the ball down the court and run the offense.  Not a basketball fan?  Ok, lets say a quarterback takes great pride in how well he can catch the snap and run the football but he's unable to lead the offense, call the plays, and throw the football, which is HIS ROLE ON THE TEAM.  Assuming everyone is a sports fan Claude?  Ok, a company hires an accountant.  And this accountant takes great pride in how well they can fix computers and run the company, but cannot balance spreadsheets and handle payroll.  Useless right?  Now, don't get me wrong.  Its great if the quarterback has great hands and can run the football, i.e. Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, hence the Heisman Trophies.  Or its great that the point guard can rebound well, Rajon Rondo, Jason Kidd, but if they couldn't do their TRUE roles on the team, the reason why they're quarterbacks or point guards or accountants, (sorry I don't know any famous accountants,) they're useless.  So, don't be a useless woman focusing on the wrong things.  You're designed to be in Gods best.  And, whatever capacity that looks like, that's between you and God and your husband.  My job is to plant the seed--- to point in the direction.  Go see Dad about this issue.  I've already sought Him about the role of men and this blog was produced. 

So, if this sounds a little tough to accept, I understand.  Our minds are wired culturally so if we're trying to understand God through our culture modernized corrupted minds, then I understand how you can disagree with this.  But, instead, try this.  Only if you're placing your mind on heavenly things and sincerely seeking God's best for your life, then, run this by Him. See what He says.  Don't just take my word----because it's not even my word. Crazy huh?  

Take care.

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