Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Women Say No To Modesty?

Hello readers.  Welcome to my heart.  Let's begin.

Haha.  I love having this talk with women.  It's so controversial.  So edgy.  So.....entertaining to watch them deny truth---almost as if I were the one that was asking women to dress modestly. 

This is why I laugh. 

Getting mad at the messenger has never changed the standard.  But however, ladies, don't fret.  This blog isn't really about me explaining why I think you all say no to modesty----but I do know why you do.  Want to know how I know?  Because I'm human.  And because I'm a man with a sinful heart who desires his comfort and his own way over God's.  So ladies, I'll be explaining that.  I'll leave you to compare afterwards.  

So, as men, God is calling us to do a lot of things that culturally are not asked of men.  Culture laughs at incompetent men on TV sitcoms. The lack of fathers being present to raise their families is not a dominating sight anymore.  It's easy for a man to demand a divorce from his wife.  It's become so easy for us to satisfy ourselves sexually.  A cultural definition of success is found in how much we've accumulated, not in our ability to lead.  Our worth is being found in our jobs, not in the identity of being sons of God.  The world worships men of greatness, which is being defined by how high you can jump or how fast you run or how well you can catch a football or what kind of car you drive, how much money you have-----------cultural greatness. 

So, culturally, and the majority of men around us are finding their values and planting their lives and pursuits in these areas and God is asking us to go against the grain?  God is asking us to be different from all the other?  

So God, you mean to tell me that even though our culture laughs and mocks and dishonors authority, you want us to lead in our families and in our churches?  So God, you mean to tell me that men all over the world are seen as jokes for being a father, but you want me to actually love and care for my children? To provide more than financially but also spiritually and emotionally?  So God, you mean to tell me that even though my wife is driving me crazy, you want me to love her how you loved the church? To love and serve her? To forgive and die for her? Even though I know other guys who easily got out of their marriages and are extremely happy?  You mean to tell me that you'd rather me flee sexual immorality, even though pornography and brothels and hookers are right in front of me, and so easily accessible, and can easily satisfy my sexual "needs".  Even though I know tons of guys doing it? So God, you mean to tell me that I should pursue biblical manhood, even though it is not praised at all in our culture?  A football player can walk into our church and he's awed and amazed at, and what I’m trying to do is not even praised and mentioned? And you want me to pursue that?  You want me to pursue being faithful to your Word and ignore the words of the culture? God, are you not seeing that all of your standards are against what the world is telling me I should be? 

And God says, “Yes My Son.  Be holy, because I am holy”.  1 Peter 1:16 

Let me say this, I am not writing this blog to plead with women to focus on modesty because we can't control ourselves.  The truth of the matter is, women can walk around naked and God will still hold us to the standard of honoring them and this one, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matt. 5:28". But what I am more so doing is calling for the hearts of women to repent and turn to God's standard of modesty.  There's beauty attached to modesty.  Again, not on a worldly standard, but of a godly standard.  And I'll even admit this, it's taken me a few years to have God open my eyes to the beauty of His standard for women.  Just like many of us, I was trained and programmed that beauty was a tight body and a pretty face.  Up until I gained a few friends who have a beautiful attention to modesty, and it took me interacting with them and seeing this amazing glow that comes from them when God first let me see it. Up until that time, a woman dressed in tight pants and a low cut shirt was still attractive, and now, a woman with a sweet attention to modesty, I honor and praise as much as I can.  Because what I see from a woman with this focus, she's speaking loudly to me this phrase,

"Brother, be holy, for your Father is holy."

Thanks for your encouragement friends. 

I feel the need to say this.  Don’t run out and be legalistic about this. Always remember this, disobedience to God exposes heart issues.  He’s desiring your heart for Him more than your obedience. 

Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.  John 14:23

So, why do women say no to modesty? 


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