Monday, September 16, 2013

Act Your Race, Not Your Shoe Size

So that you're not holding your breath the entire time, this blog is about a Christian worldview VS (insert your race) worldview.  Take a deep breath, let's work.

Since I've been home, I have been called "white boy" about three times.  Now, I know these are jokes, so they say.  But are they really?  Are they really jokes?  Or perhaps could you be expressing your worldview?   

The racist comments coming from the Miss America pageant towards the winner has stirred up a reason for the blog.  Now, even though my following is not the entire nation of the United States, I am for certain my thoughts will not make a massive impact at all.  But perhaps it will encourage my lovely and daring readers to think before they make a "joke" again. 

Again I repeat, this is a blog about Christian worldview VS (insert your race) worldview.  For as long as I could remember, I have always been after consistency.  I remember the first time I wrestled with the idea of "is true manhood being a tough guy that can beat up people, watch football, hunt, and shoot guns?" Many men in our culture would say absolutely.  But what about the men that don't like that stuff?  Are they not men? If not?  Then what are they? 

I remember being called "white" in high school.  It never bothered me then but now I can hear what they were saying.  Because the white guys that listened to rap music and were dumb in class was called "black".  And it's happened time and time again since high school.  I've had a girl tell me that I didn't talk black because I talked proper.  I've been called white because of how I dress.  And what's interesting about all of this.....there is no consistency.  For one reason, when I look in the mirror I see brown skin.  When I look at my mother I see a black woman, and when I look at my dad he is black as well.  So what are they talking about when they say I'm white?  And to prove my point even further, some of you reading that list probably nodded in agreement, while some people didn't agree.

So as fleeting and inconstent as (insert your race) worldview can be, why bother with it?  Now please hear me.  I'm not saying I'm ashamed of being black at all.  I love who I am, I love what I represent.  I love where I've come from. I love reading about the civil rights movement.  I love all that wonderful and glorious stuff that has paved the way for me.  But this is what I want you to consider...........

When we die...what happens?  Does a black person's soul go to a different heaven or hell than a white persons?  To avoid being morbid, I'll stop there.  But my point is that when it comes to considering worldviews, I'm choosing the Jesus worldview.  Why?  Because my Savior did not care about people groups.  He died for Jew and Gentiles.  And the fact that I have white brothers and sisters in Christ and Asian brothers and sisters in Christ and the list goes on, it's so beautiful to me.  A Jesus worldview is realizing that He has the final say in everything and we should conform to Him.  So if He loved the white brother, then so should I.  If He loved the girl from the Indian descent, then so should I.  The same grace we gobble up in troughs we choke out from people.  The same grace God has given you to even take the breath you just took, you have the nerve to be make anything about you?  Do we not know the price Jesus has paid for our sins?  Do we not know the offense we have made against a holy God and He showed mercy on us?  And you?  You have the nerve to judge a person by their skin color when God knew your skin color AND your heart and He still loved you and became man Himself and bore our sins and satisfied His own wrath?

That's the worldview I'm choosing to allow to dictate my life.  I honestly wish I could be in this black pride, fist in air, down with the brothers, black cultured, rap lyric spitting, cool talking, swag walking black man that everyone expects for me to be, but here's what I've noticed...being black didn't do anything for me eternally.  But Jesus did.  He assured me of salvation.  He assured me that I could be in relationship with the wonderful and magnificent God of the universe, dwell in the heavenly places and sip upon the glorious riches of His love and mercy.  Again, don't mishear me now.  I'm proud to be black, but I'm more proud that God calls me His own.  That'll get me much further---eternal bliss with the King.  That worldview is all I need.

And you'll never hear me say, "I don't see color."  That's not the way to fix racism.  We shouldn't have to diminish colors to appreciate the person.  Get over yourself and your race.  Every color is beautiful and every culture is wonderful.  Just because it's not yours does not mean it's wrong.  I've never told this to my white friends, but they try to bring me into their culture all the time---but they never respond when I try to bring them into mine.  They force me to listen to country music and rock music in their cars.  But when they're in my car and I try to get them to listen to rap and R&B music, they ignore it.  Get over yourself and your race.  There's something way bigger than all of us---and He created all of us.  And He created all the many different species of animals and insects and plants and the list goes on.  Get over yourself.  Boast in the only thing worth boasting in-----and that's Jesus.  And I'm thankful that the Gospel evens the playing field.  ALL are guilty before God.  (Romans 3)  Not just the thugs, gang bangers, but also the Ponzi scheming and rednecks, whatever stereotype you want to include that you despise the most.  You're just as guilty as them before God----which is why He gets the final say.  

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