Friday, August 19, 2011

Is It Really Worth It?

Hello readers.  Welcome to my heart.  Let's begin.

If any of you are human just like me, I know this question has crossed your mind before.  Christian or not, believer or not, I'm sure this has crossed your mind.  Is it really worth it?  Is living for God really worth it?

Now, having typed that, I can tell by my natural response that this question is a little controversial.  When I asked myself that question before typing this, my skin cringed.  My heart seemed to skip a beat.  I found myself holding my breath, waiting to hear my hearts answer. I know my answer, but I want you to know yours.  Let's walk through it.

I think this question is controversial because of many reasons.  It challenges us in ways that are outside of our comfort zones.  The first thing that comes to mind is, well, who is God to you?  Who or what is this God to you?  I'm learning that a lot of people see our Creator in many different ways, here's a few. : The higher power, that thing in the sky, distant, mean, angry, uncaring, doesn't exist, good.  Do you see the inconsistency here?  There's so many different views on God.  Um, lets go at it this way.  If there was a movie that just came out. And while you were at work, you walk by the water cooler and hear 8 people talking about this movie.  And all are saying something different.  Some say they like it, some say they didn't. Some say the plot was terrible, some say the characters didn't mesh well.  Some say the ending was predictable, some cried, some laughed, some were bored, some couldn't sit still.  Which do you choose to believe in?  I would hope with this confusion and the inconsistency that is obviously present while this move is being talked about, I'm pretty sure you would decide to go and see the movie yourself to get your own view on it. You'd go just to experience the movie yourself so you can form your own opinion on it. So, why not with God?

Don't answer yet, keep reading.

Is it really worth it?  My skin cringed again. Another reason I think this is controversial is because of the reality kicking in.  First of all, its more comfortable to not think about death. I mean, I don't think about dying every day, not even every week, not even every month.  But, to ask yourself is it really worth it, would make you think about where you're going to spend eternity.  Of course we all want to go to heaven.  I rarely hear people say that Hell is where they'd like to end up after death. But, again, this isn't a college that you're deciding on.  We can choose our colleges by just applying, but Heaven and Hell have a little bit more requirements than merely a piece of paper and an acceptance letter. 

So come on? Is it really worth it?  What do you think?  I'm attending college right now.  And, I have found that there is a very very high expectation on how college students should live.  I hear it even while I'm in college, but I heard it before I got here too.  "College is the best times of your life. Go and have fun, make friends, have a good time. Have your fun now, because the real word is something serious."  Stuff like this. And I still get asked, "You down there partying or studying?"  So there's this living standard amongst college students, and you'd be considered lame, disconnected, if you're not doing.  And don't let me get started on a traditional school like the one I'm at, where people take GREAT GREAT pride in these traditions created by men.  So the ideal is to come to college and submerge yourself in fun, while still managing to make good grades.  And, what I've also seen, is that Satan loves this.  This is the perfect opportunity for him to lay out traps.  Because we're so hyped up on "having fun" and "school traditions" that whatever our bodies at the moment considers fun, we'll do.  So, asking college kids this question, is it really worth it?  Many will say no.  Because a lot of college fun isn't necessarily pleasing to God.  So its ineffective when you're preaching at people the Christian lifestyle is better than the World's lifestyle. Fun is a fleshly desire, yes, to be compared to any other that we have.  My fun used to be trying to find a foolish enough girl to fool around with, and NO! I will not offer any kind of commitment.  Yeah, I'm disgusting right?  But I'm just trying to have fun.

Are you getting my point?

This fun factor CAN BE dangerous.  I'm not saying don't try to have fun, yes there is clean fun, I shouldn't even have to say that. But what I am saying is that living our lives only by what we consider is fun can be dangerous, because it can lead us further into sin.  I repeat it this way.  Living by our flesh is dangerous, because it can lead us further into sin.  And the more we indulged into sin, the more distant we get from God.  Its not that He pushes us away, but we choose to walk away from Him.  Following our flesh usually is a clear picture of you being your own God. I want to do it because I feel like doing it. I don't see anything wrong with it. Here's the funny thing about that, Eve said in the Garden before she ate from the tree.  Is it really worth it? Was it really worth it to Eve? Desiring her flesh OVER being obedient to God cost them greatly. So, again, is it really worth it?

I could TRY to explain this answer for you, but I can't.  I know its been worth it for me, only because I experienced Him myself.  I didn't just take the pastors word for it.  I tried that reason alone, that didn't keep me from wanting to have my fun.  That didn't keep me from sweet talking women, or hoping to find a secluded place for us to do whatever.  But when I experienced my God----when I tasted from the bread of Life, had a heart to heart with Him, when He hugged me when I cried, when I was fighting and scratching and desperately desiring intimacy, when I needed someone to say I'm proud of you, when I needed patient love, when I need grace, when I messed up, when I failed a test, when I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, when I didn't have any purpose, lost a loved one, lost a friend, felt lonely, didn't have a Father to call on, He was there. He loved on me, He kept me, He stayed with me, He hugged me, whatever I needed, HE BECAME IT! 

So, is it really worth it?  For me. Yes, very much so.  But, those are my reasons.  You have to learn that for yourself.  Don't just take my word for it. And here's a thought, when you ask yourself this question, whatever pops up in your mind that kind scares you, stuff that make you ask this question, "What if God ask me to give _______up? Man.. that is Satan's way of reminding you of what you're giving up and without knowing it, its become an idol of yours. Because when you were in great need, this person or thing or place or event or activity settled it for you. So you worship it by doing it every time you get that feeling again, and you praise it when you talk about it. For me, I found my intimacy, which was my distorted view of love, from women. So they were my idols. And every time I felt lonely or wanted to be loved, I'd hook up again. So whats yours? Whats your idol? What's scaring you of giving it all to God because HE MIGHT ASK YOU TO GIVE IT UP?  Just remember this.  God GAVE UP His most precious possession, HIS SON, and got back way more in return, US.

So, is it really worth it?

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