Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter, 

         Can I open this letter to just say that I love you so very much.  Seriously.  Hey, I hope that when you hear Me say that you don't judge me on your definition of love.  I need you to learn my definition of it.  I never intended for this world to be in the shape its in.  I'm still in control because I've conquered it, but please hear me when I say that I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this.  Whatever it is, please still know that Daddy loves you.  I know what you long for.  You are longing for security because I designed you to submit. And sadly, I've watched you try to find it in so many ways.  You've hardened your heart to love because it hurt you.  You hardened it to secure it, to protect it.  Well love cannot hurt you.  When you harden your heart from love, you hardened it from me.  Please don't do that.  You've also began to long for marriage in an unhealthy way.  When you long for marriage for reasons other than to bring Me glory, you put too much faith in a man to provide that security for you.  You miss out on enjoying being fully intimate with me.  Here's what I want you to know.  You are loved, already.  Let me define it for you.  My son died for you. If that's not enough, I can be whatever you need whenever you need it.  I never sleep.  I'm always watching.  I'm always listening.  Want to know why I am the Great I Am?  Because I AM everything you need.  You need peace? I am that.  You need love? I am that.  You need grace? I am that.  You need security? I am that. Learn my definition of love. And also, I want you to know that you're beautiful.  Let me define it for you.  When you look at the sunsets, do you see Me?  When you look at the stars at night, do you see Me?  When you look at the beach, the beautiful waves of the ocean, do you see Me?  When you look at nature, the canyons and the valleys, the mountains and the skies, the trees and the creation, do you see Me?  Well, when you look in the mirror, just as with those things....see Me.  I designed all of that, and I've also designed you.  See Me in all of MY creation.  You've allowed your beauty to be defined by the filth of man, by the corruption of this world.  Have you not realized yet that this world is sinful and broken?  And you define your worth in it?  Turn it off.  Watch it no more.  Listen to it no more.  Turn to me.  Listen to me.  Hear what I say about you.  You are loved and you are beautiful.  I long for you to know that.  If you come to Me, I will work hard for you to know this.  I've already sent my Son to show you.  But if you need more, I will be that.  I AM MORE. 

I love you.  More than your little mind can imagine.  

Love forever and always.  

Your Dad.

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