Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Overlooked Reality About Sex Trafficking

Hello readers.  Welcome to my heart.  Let's begin.

So I've recently gotten a heavy burden for sex trafficking.  I honestly support the awareness movement because the passion and burden came after I became aware of it.  So amazing how that works.  But I'm not planning on informing you right now about the matter, no statistics.  Nothing like that, this blog is not for that purpose.  I'm here to point at an overlooked reality that I've noticed.  Here's how I reached it.  So every time this horrible matter comes to my mind, I begin to pray about it.  It is such a detestable thought that men are doing this to God's daughters but this thought came to me....

Why won't the girls just leave?

No no, don't run away from that thought.  Just, sit and consider it with me.

Recently, well yesterday to be exact, I asked myself that question, Why won't they just leave?  What's keeping them there?  What's keeping a woman in a place where she is being forced to allow her body to be picked and lusted and used over like she was nothing more than a dollar menu food item.  What's keeping her there to take on abuse and the horrible horrible things that are being forced on her?  What is keeping her there?  The answer, I know you have it.  But keep backing up and looking at this perspective.  This horrible hidden torture chamber and horror story is being initated by men.


So when I first realized this, a thought flooded my brain---and it is exactly what God has been screaming at me for months now.  Men are leaders.  Men are divinely appointed as leaders.  Men lead, women respond and submit.  It's the design of God.  And it's so evident in this example of sex trafficking.  I see the design of God being horribly corrupted and abused in this matter.  And if you're trying to point the blame at God, don't miss the point here.  That's like pointing the blame at the designer of the handgun everytime someone is murdered with one.  Don't do that.  But my heart broke again for the women of this generation.  Here's what I see now.  Allow this rabbit trail please.

I see a world where beauty is being defined by man.  So women dress and eat and lose weight and buy makeup and pamper and primp and buy and shop and dress and all of these things because man IS defining beauty in these things.  I see a culture that is responding to male leadership.  Good or bad, we're responding to male leadership.  I see women's fashion continuing to gear towards showing more skin because men are lusting more than ever, and women are blindly following.  Just convince them that's its cute and comfortable.  Leggings and short shorts are comfortable, yes, that's the sugar coated way of getting you to conform to the real reason, SHOW MORE OF YOUR BODY FOR MEN TO SEE.  Hey ladies, the serpent didn't tell Eve she'd be removed from God's presence, he deceived her, he lied to her, he made her believe that it was okay to do what he was tempting her to do.


Oh, and if you disagree with this then I would love to have a conversation because I would love to find an excuse to take the pressure off of me.  I would love if you could grace me with the looney idea that we're just born like this.  That insecurities and lack of hope and no concept of our worth and brokenness was something we were just born with, and that it wasn't a learned behavior because of good or bad male leadership.  Yes, remove this burden from me, share your heart, confirm it to be wrong for me!

Nothing to say right?  Yeah, I know.  So this burden will eat away at me until I take my last breathe. 

Back to the point.  This thought of sex trafficking just makes me shake my head at me and my gender.  Oh dear God what has happened to your sons?  That we would devalue and mistreat something so valuable and precious to you.  I've had the pleasure or misfortune, whatever, of running into a lot of strong women, meaning women who disagree with the idea of submitting to a man.  Women who will argue and fight with you to their grave about equality and 50/50 and we're just as good as men and I don't need a man to make me happy and I'm independent.  Or the women who feel the need to quarrel with their mouths to show their importance, to affirm their worth, to challenge man to say "Hey, I can go toe to toe with you, with any man, I'm just as good as you!"  I've met them all, and all I see now is God look at what we've done!  We've pushed women into becoming sinful just to protect themselves! Women who have and are right now submitting themselves to men and they're being abused and neglected and dishonored!

Again, I can't let you miss this.

Men, we've pushed women into becoming sinful just to protect themselves! 

The above attitude of the 21st century woman is the product of this.  Women, being trained to hate men.  Women, being trained to devalue men, the same ones God is calling them to submit to.  Women, forced into believing that their value and worth is found in how well they can perform with sex and a dollar amount is placed on them.  Oh, there's a horror of sex trafficking that stretches beyond just the obvious reality.  Men, what else are we trafficking?

Men, we're also beauty traffickers.  We've defiled God's beautiful creation by telling them that they have to have big butts and tight abs and pretty faces to be seen as beautiful.  We've defined beauty for them, and then we rank them by measurables of how pleasing they are to the eyes and if they cause us to get aroused or not.

So the answer to the question I asked earlier, why won't they just leave?  I know you know the answer.  The fear of losing their lives, the fear of their family being harmed, the shame, the self blame, the dirtiness, the hopelessness, the distrust, so many factors----all placed in them by men.  But again, I point to this and just say, wow, look at the response of women when a man is pouring into her fear and dishonor and manipulation and false hope. Look at the response to men aggressive enough to take action, even though its sinful and degrading and detestable.  I'm not giving them credit or props on their actions, I'm pointing to a reality, and here it is. 

Just imagine if a man was to pour into a woman love, grace, encouragment, a secure and true hope?  What if men became agressive in honoring and protecting women? 

Wow.  To be continued......

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