Saturday, June 23, 2012

Undiscerning Rebellion

Hello readers.  Welcome to my heart.  Let's begin.

I can go many different directions with this.  I'll just touch on one today.

I love my friends very much.  To there misfortune, I continually to learn more and more from them in their moments of being vulnerable with me.  It seems that I've discovered this idea that every moment is a teaching moment, so I search and dig and find something to gain from whatever it is.  Check this out.

I listened to one of my friends deeply groan about her trust issues with men.  Her story is this, she's been poorly led by men so she questions their words.  And, rightfully so.  When you've been misled or lied to time and time again, a brokenness can erupt and become a stumbling block in how you approach relationships.  Right?  Are most of us experiencing that now?  Our past continues to govern our present and future.  I've always had this idea that the hopeless at one time was hopeful in something.  It's hard to be in a "less" something when it was never "full" to begin with.  Like my friend had at one time been hopeful that some guy was "the one", and it turns out he wasn't.  So now her hopelessness comes from having hoped in it at one time and had it ripped from her. So the situation she is in now is that a guy has approached her with the same language that the last guys have used.

"Hey, I like you.  I can see myself with you." Or in some variation of that.

In some way or another, every guy makes a woman feel this way.  Whether the woman is perceiving the guy simply being interested in her as commitment already, or the guy actually communicated it to her----but, that's another blog for another day.

So the first thing that I had to send through my "You Cannot Say That Right Now" filter was this, "He told you he liked you.  What's the big deal?  Is that not enough security for you to be content?"  But in that moment, God whips out the chalkboard and starts teaching a class.

"Behind all this grumbling, she's not trusting in his word, therefore not trusting in his leadership, which produces an hesitation in submission, which is rebellion.

God what? How is her unable to trust considered rebellion?"

That was the magic question.  I'm going to ramble now, please read carefully and hang on.

What happens when we sin? We war against God's rule right? So God's perfect word, the Bible, is God's law for us. Everything He says in it we must be willing to submit and conform too. Just like the common ones discussed, "thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal", this almost pushes the weight of the same commands "trust in me, put your faith in me, submit your lives to me". All are commands from God, therefore all considered sin when we disobey them. So when we refuse to trust in God, what are we saying?

God, I don't think you can handle this situation, so I'm going to do it my way---undiscerning rebellion--- which is us warring against Him, which wars against His leadership in our lives, which wars against the vision and purpose this leader has for our lives.  So when a woman is unwilling to trust in a guy, she's also refusing to submit, because if she doesn't trust his word, then she doesn't trust his leadership, therefore will put her in the place of a sinful woman.

Oh my my my.  So, what is the dilemma?

We're rebelling all the time against God, and don't even know it.  Our past continues to dictate our present response to God.  So He says trust in me, and our response is usually what? "God, I've trusted in something before and it failed me"--in that we're warring against Him saying prove to me You're any different than that guy, or my own father, or my friends.  When God says put your hope and faith in Him, and our usual response is, "well God I've hoped in something before, and it failed me."  When God says He loves you, and you've had people who have said they love you mistreat you and abuse you, that can create an intimacy issue with God, does it not?

Hey, if God has removed your past and sees it no more, then you should do the same.  Allow God to make ALL things new in your heart.  Give you a new perception of trust and hope and love.  This blog is called "Undiscerning Rebellion" because this is a subconscious stumbling block, very unrecognizable.  The enemy doesn't plainly say this to us, just like he didn't plainly tell Adam and Eve that them eating from the tree was just like telling God that's He's not enough for them, that they needed more.  Hey, let's be a generation that realizes that God is enough for us, and let's allow Him to make all things new in us so that we can truly walk this out.

Dear God guide us,

But one thing remains.  Guess what God is saying to you right now.

"Hey, I like you.  I can see myself with you."

Brother, sister.  Stop rebelling.  Rest in submission.  Rest in the security of God.

His love never fails.  It never gives up.  It never runs out.  Listen to this song by Jesus Culture.  

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