Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pro Choice

This is not about abortion.  So you can breathe. 

This blog did arise from the protest against the anti-abortion display on the Auburn University concourse.  So in some way, it kind of is.  Because honestly, this entire blog is about one of the signs I read by the protesters.  The sign pretty much paraphrased the definition of "pro-choice". 

"I have the right to do what I feel is better for me." 

Do people really believe that?  Like, seriously? 

Let's examine some major contradictions that can potentially RUIN that entire theology.  First of all, do we not see how dangerous that is?  Yes, I know the point their making.  But this is the reality, in that theology or framework of how the world works, we are creating a religion called, "Me", in which anyone can write their own bible and make up their own laws and so whatever seem "right to do" in their heads will become the religious text of this religion. So a guy who follows the "Me" religion, can convince himself that revenge needs to happen on all the people who picked on him in high school, and he can justify this in his head by declaring, maybe even consulting with the other two parts of the trinity, "Myself and I", and coming to a central census that yes, revenge must be done.  And they go and shoot all the young people in cold blood at the school, and maybe even take out some more for fun. 

But I have the right to do what I feel is best for me.  Because it's all about me.  Do we not see how scary and dangerous this is? 

So you call the shots?  You?  You call the shots to determine what's right or wrong?  You?  You who loses your keys probably once a week.  You who can't remember a persons name you just met 39 seconds ago?  You, who need a smartphone and a planner to keep up with your mediocre life, and just your life.  Hahaha.  I love that we actually believe this stuff. 

Oh we can go bigger.  You?  Who can't slow down or stop or prevent your death?  You? Who can't control the weather.  When it rains and ruins your baseball game, you stop it the rain?  No, what happens, you have to postpone the game.  You lose in that fight, everytime.  Haha, I know that answer.  You call the shots?  Dude, ma'am.  Yeah right.  You don't. 

Interesting thought about free will huh?  God does give us a choice, but the consequences of those choices fall upon the ultimate authority.  So sir/ma'am, I will sit and listen and be all ears for your argument against God, but honestly, what is your credibility and point when you argue against God? 

God, you need to lighten up a little bit.  It's 2013, things are different. 

Yeah, let's raise our fists up at God and tell Him how wrong and unfitting He is in our culture, and that He needs to adjust and conform to us because we're calling the shots now.  What does He know?  He's old anyway right?

I'll end the sarcasm and get serious.  We are living in a terrible time.  If we continue to ignore the Bible as the inerrant word of God and instead decide to create our own glorious scripture with our Facebook posts of out of context scripture or just flat out disagreements, we are leading ourselves to our own destruction.

If you're interested.  Read this old blog I wrote a few months ago.  It'll be a repeat of what I've just ranted about, and bring in a little uplifting truth about our response when we realize that we're really not as awesome as we think we are.  The blog is called, "You're Not That Awesome". 

Thanks for reading. 

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