Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An "X-Mas" Poem

An "X-Mas" Poem

So we're getting offended when someone writes X-Mas 
thinking they're crossing out the Christ in Christmas? 

Who cares?

If we write extra zeros on our bank account,
will that instantly make us millionaires?

So relax, because it doesn't matter if someone pens an X over His name
that doesn't remove His presence or His fame.
Instead, rejoice in the glory of the new born King coming 
to redeem us, because we couldn't by our own actions.
And through Him, He turned us X-ians
into CHRISTians, giving us His name and righteousness.

In His grace, He rescued us from darkness, 
and He'll keep the light on for you, even though 
there was no room in the Inn for Him.
And just like them, our hearts leave no room for any other tenants
so we run from repentance, 
with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door
not realizing that the bed of sin and deeds of dirty rags we've soiled
He's come to service it.   

Oh what I would do to know what I know now
and visit the house of Mary to adore Him.
As she cheers Him on as He takes His first walk
knowing that those chubby legs would eventually carry a cross...
for me.

And as she trains Him to hold His own bottle during feeding
knowing that nails would eventually pierce those tiny wrists...
for me.

And as she holds Him in her arms at night, reading bedtime stories
knowing that the Creator of the universe was residing in the frame of this baby boy,
and as gently as she held Him, He held the world in His love just the same.

So an X over your name removes you?  Bah humbug! 
An abbreviation cannot not shorten your glory, and I'm glad for that.  

I’m glad that nothing we do can limit You.
I’m glad that even when we drop the ball you made a way for our redemption.
I'm glad you dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” on that crossed T for me,
absorbing all the wrath I deserve and tossing the shame away from me...
for me.

What kind of love is this?  That makes amends
with the same ones whose very nature offends?

What kind of grace is this?  Where holiness enters into 
wickedness and invites the sinner to feast with glory?

And promises a salvation that cannot fade away
claiming possession of the hearts of His children.  

I'm His.  And He's mine.
So every time I see X-Mas, it’s not Christ crossed out,
but rather, X marks the spot, because He is my true treasure.

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